Electrical Equipment

Ballistol is ideal for the re-lubrication of moving mechanical parts of typewriters, electronic printers, video cameras, printing calculators, etc. because of its resistance to resinification and its compatibility with plastic components. The German PC magazine “64’er” tested Ballistol on a Star LN 10 printer with very positive results (64’er, no 5, May 1988, pp 34-35). When using Ballistol in electronic equipment do not spray! Apply with fine water color brush or pipette. Ballistol has a conductivity of 0.005 Micro-Siemens/cm, which is 1/60 the conductivity of water. It is thus nearly an insulator and safe for use in electrical insulation.

The world’s most useful and eco-friendly multipurpose oil since 1904 Eco-friendly Multipurpose Oil

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