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Numerous beverage manufacturers, bottling companies and breweries in Europe use Ballistol for the maintenance and protection of their machinery. Among them are bottling stations for Coca Cola, mineral water companies and, of course, many of Germany’s famous beer breweries. One of Germany’s largest precision scale manufacturers, BIZERBA, has specified Ballistol for use in their precision scales and has been using it for many years. The main reason is that Ballistol does not resinify even after a long time and that parts lubricated with Ballistol will never become sticky or glued together and thus cause increased friction, which is crucial for highly sensitive precision scales.

The general food industry uses Ballistol for two major reasons: it is not toxic to people and pets and what remains, after the components of Ballistol that can evaporate have evaporated, is of practically neutral odor and taste. And that is important to German beer brewers who are committed to making beer under the strict rules of the “REINHEITSGEBOT,” the purity law, issued in 1516 by the Bavarian Dukes Wilhelm and Ludwig.

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