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Leather Boot Care

Leather that is frequently exposed to moisture or high humidity will become hard and brittle if not treated correctly. Ballistol will keep all smooth leather soft, and will effectively protect leather against the effects of water, insects and mold. Use Ballistol on boots, shoes, gloves, holsters, slings, saddles, baseball gloves and other leather products. However, being an oil after all, BALLISTOL SHOULD NOT BE USED ON SUEDE FOR OBVIOUS REASONS.

Leather holster careIf properly processed, leather will contain acidic residues from tannic acid. Ballistol will form a permanent chemical compound with these residues within the leather which will make the leather virtually impermeable to water. Handguns, in particular police handguns, are mostly carried and even stored in leather holsters. Corrosion may develop in the areas where they have direct contact with the leather. By treating the inside of the holster with Ballistol the acidic residues from tannic acid will be completely neutralized and this source of corrosion will be eliminated.

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