Lock, stock and barrel, Ballistol is the best gun CLP money can buy. Nothing on the planet cleans, lubricates, protects and preserves firearms better. In fact, the only way to improve it is with our cleaning accessories.

Collection: GUN CARE

Due to extraordinary shipping costs and logistics beyond our control, we only ship to the contiguous United States. Find out how to purchase Ballistol in Alaska, Hawaii and internationally here.


I use it to clean and coat my loppers and pruners to prevent them from rusting.

– Allen Tang

Ballistolis the best!!! It’s always in my range bag!!!

– Rick Hines

This is truly some of the best stuff I’ve ever used on my modern, muzzleloaders and fishing gear.

– Jimmy Sommese

Used many different gun cleaners. None did what they claimed. Then tried Ballistol. Needless to say, all my other cleaners and oils are now gone.

– Kristen Joseph Call

Been selling and using Ballistol for years. It’s the best. We recommend it to all our customers.

– Michael Hassel, King Pawn & Gun

Love this stuff!

– Michael Anderson

Great product for guns, wood, leather. You can even restore boat gelcoat with it!

– John Rooney

This stuff is the best, without question. I love it so much I proudly wear a Ballistol hat.

– Mike Zadorozny

Worth every penny

– Jeff Jackson

The best.

– Steve Dandini

You can’t beat this stuff!

– Kenny Sizemore

Clean and lube in one shot. The best!

– Charlie Puza

Hada lock completely rusted shut. Soaked it in Ballistol for 24 hours and still use it today.

– Greg Brockman

Beststuff on the planet!

– Jeff Martin

Amen to Ballistol 

– Skip White