Do I need to mix Ballistol with water?-

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No. For most applications, straight Ballistol should be used. Always use 100% Ballistol on electrical equipment. Emulsify Ballistol with water for use cleaning black powder and corrosive ammo residue, as a boring and cutting oil, in jet washers and ultra-sonic cleaners. Refer to the mix ratio chart below.

Mix Ratios for Ballistol Oil
Clean Modern & Smokeless Residue 100% Ballistol
Clean Black Powder Residue 25% Ballistol,
75% Water
Neutralize Corrosive Ammo Residue 10% Ballistol,
90% Water
Jet Washer & Ultra Sonic Cleaner 10% Ballistol,
90% Water
Electrical Equipment 100% Ballistol
Boring & Cutting Oil 10% Ballistol,
90% Water
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