Always as good as the day you bought it.

Most lubricants are subject to relatively fast aging and oxidation.  They harden in time – a process called “resinification.”  The oil begins to thicken and becomes sticky and gluey before finally turning into a hard, resinous substance.  By contrast, Ballistol contains antioxidants, which make it much less susceptible to the process of aging and resinification.

In 1985, for example, a bottle of Ballistol was found in an attic where it had been left for over 60 years.  The oil had not hardened and a chemical analysis revealed that it still had the same degree of purity as freshly produced Ballistol.

Furthermore, after WW2, the Klever Company (makers of Ballistol) conducted a long-term test.  Several rifles and shotguns were treated with Ballistol, wrapped in wax-impregnated paper, and stored in a trunk. After 25 years, the trunk was opened and the firearms inspected.  All weapons had remained completely rust-free on both the inside and outside, and no resinification of Ballistol had occurred.  After pulling a dry cotton patch through the barrels, several rounds were fired from the weapons without malfunction.

Ballistol truly stands the test of time.  If something needs long-term preservation, Ballistol is the right choice for the job.

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